Shortened Links ( & Parameters


Formerly, we used the service to handle shortened url's for iframe embeds and direct links to a videos' player page.

We've just created a brand new shortener that replaces that,!

Now, any new files that you upload or encode, will get the new links.

Link Parameters

Along with a new link shortener, we've also added the ability to customize two options via the url:

  • Autoplay
  • Size

The parameter for autoplay can be set to either a=1 (autoplay on) or a=0 (autoplay off, default)

By default, the size of your video will be 100% width & height(including iframe embeds). If you want to display a 640x480 version(great for direct links to the video) use s=vga


The example below will autoplay the video at 640x480
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