Intro to Analytics


As you may have noticed, Influxis recently upgraded its Analytics platform with refined in-depth data which is updated 4 times daily for reliable and current information. This post will briefly outline some of the features.

The Sidebar

The sidebar provides several viewing options – by overall Account, by Applications, by Videos, and by live Streams. It also provides current status meters of your account Bandwidth Transfer and Disk Space used, as well as your current account plan settings with options to upgrade.


One major customer request we continually had and is also now found in the sidebar, is the ability to Download Reports, which generates a detailed CSV file for reporting and analyzing data any which way one would choose. It specifically matches the data in whatever page or view is on the screen.

The Page Views

Each page view provides data unique to that particular view. Across all views one can choose the date range, and tables will reflect and total the data. At the very bottom of each view are three boxes reflecting percentages and names/paths of the most popular Apps, Streams and Videos.

page views


By Account

This is the only view with a graph. At the top of the graph, a drop down provides three options to view data: Data Transfer or Connection, and the data appears as a Daily line graph. Information in the tables include Date, number of Users and Unique Users, Protocol used, and streaming Data (In and Out) as well as Total bandwidth Transfer. By clicking on any single day in the table, that day’s information will appear in an Hourly format in the line graph.


By Applications

This view provides data by application usage including number of Users and Unique Users per App, as well as streaming In and Out Data with a Total Transfer column.

A screenshot of the Applications page view.

A screenshot of the Applications page view.

By Videos

The Videos view is to show data in regards to pre-recorded video streams. It shows the number of Plays and Play Time length in terms of seconds per video. It also shows the number of Unique Users, Avg Time of viewing, and the Total Transfer in MB per video.


Screenshot of the Videos page view.

By Streams

This view provides statistics on any live broadcast streams. It includes the stream Name, the number of Broadcasts which used that stream name, the number of Unique Users who interacted or viewed that stream, the total Watch Time amount and Average Time watched in seconds, and the bandwidth Total Transfer used in MB.


Screenshot of the Streams page view.

What’s Next?

Stay tuned as later this year you can expect to see new updates to the analytics system as we continue to build it out with such features as:

  • Viewer Geo-Location
  • Detailed Viewer Data
  • Real-time Analytics for Live Streaming

What else are you looking for in your ideal analytics? Let us know in the comments below!

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