How do I calculate bandwidth transfer?


You can use our Influxis calculator to determine how much bandwidth you will use:

If you want to see how much bandwidth you would use monthly, just multiply it by 30.

Below is a breakdown how we calculate bandwidth depending on your type of application and it also takes into consideration a monthly amount of bandwidth so you can select the appropriate Plan.

Basic formula for one-to-many applications

For one-to-many applications, this basic formula provides a ballpark figure to work with: how fast (average bitrate, in kilobits per second, of the broadcast) how long (average amount of time each user utilizes the application) total number of connections expected per day 
÷ 8,388,608 (to convert kilobits to gigabytes) 
x 30 days per month 


  • 1500 kbps (15. Mbps)
  • x 3600 seconds (60 minutes)
  • x 100 user connections per day 
  • ÷ 8,388,608 
  • = 64.3 GB
  • x 30 days 
  • = 1.89 TB per month 

Basic formula for many-to-many applications
For many-to-many applications, consider the exponential factor as each user connects to all other users. A five-user many-to-many application would require each user to send one stream while receiving four other streams. For five users, this would total 25 simultaneous connections. Assuming that every user watches all other users for 30 minutes per day, here’s a formula you can use: 
how fast (average bitrate, in kilobits per second, of each user’s broadcast) x how long (average amount of time, in seconds, each user utilizes the application) x square of the total number of user connections per day ÷ 8,388,608 (to convert kilobits to gigabytes) x 30 days per month 


  • 1500 kbps 
  • x 30 minutes x 60 seconds
  • x 52 user connections per day 
  • ÷ 8,388,608 
  • =16.74 GB
  • x 30 days 
  • = 0.49 TB per month
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