What does Bandwidth mean in the pricing plans?


Bandwidth is bandwidth transfer, i.e. the amount of data transferred to your users through your account, by video, audio, text, or other streaming, which Influxis plans offer in monthly amounts. If your application involves a prerecorded stream that only pushes data “down” from the server to the end user, then it may use less bandwidth transfer (depending on the video’s bitrate) compared to a live stream that is pushing and pulling data “up” and “down” between the server and end users. Also consider whether your application features one-to-many or many-to-many functionality because this not only factors into the necessary number of connections but also provides an idea of how much bandwidth will be used. 

Exceeding the allotted amount of monthly bandwidth transfer for your account means that your users have transferred more total data than your monthly quota allows.  If you do exceed your allotted monthly bandwidth, you can still continue to use your account, you will just be charged for any bandwidth overages at the end of the month.

Bandwidth overage charges are $0.11 per GB, or you can simply upgrade your account before the end of the month to a plan that has enough bandwidth to cover your overages and you will not be charged for your overages.

You will receive emails to inform you when you exceed your monthly bandwidth transfer quota, to allow you the chance to upgrade before you are charged for overages.

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