What security features does Influxis offer?



All of our data centers are Tier IV, meaning that every single element ( power, cooling, racks, power supplies, hard drives, network cards, etc. ) is fully redundant and is the highest level of security and uptime a data center can maintain.

Our network is protected by DDoS mitigation appliances at every door in, as well as hardware firewalls.  Our network is split between public and private networks, with full physical isolation between the two.  We actually do have private cables linking all of our locations, which helps ensure complete privacy and security of your data as it is whisked around our network.

To help prevent unwanted eyes peering into your data, all connections to and from our network are routed into our nearest network relay station.  For all major ISPs, this ensures a direct ISP-to-Influxis connection, with zero exposure to the outside internet.  For smaller ISPs, the hops on the open internet are minimized and directed to our closest relay station.  From there we can efficiently and securely route the data on our own network to the server and back. 

In addition, all of our data centers are fully compliant with the following standards:

Cloud Security Alliance – STAR registrant, Safe Harbor, and SOC 2.


Customize the level of security and access there is to your content.  We can deliver your content over protected HLS, RTMPE (encrypted) or RTMPS ( for dedicated servers only ), giving your streams unparalleled protection.  

In addition to protocol level security, let us know if you want to implement token-based authentication for your video player, enable referring domains to protect cross-embedding of your content as well as time stamp, server sync or HLS-only solutions. 

Contact our Support Team for more details regarding your specifics needs.

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