I want to stream prerecorded video on a mid-sized scale. What plan should I get?


Influxis' $95 Cloud plan would work for most mid-sized scale applications streaming up to 720p HD quality video. The Dedicated Plan is a step up from the Cloud and is used for larger scale applications. Both plans are commonly used for HD quality encoded video and multiway interactive streaming video chat sessions. The Dedicated plan is a good start especially if you want to do transcoding and you can always increase your plan as you gain more users. All plans are sufficient for streaming video, however you may need a plan like Dedicated to accommodate higher levels of bandwidth transfer usage, and even Cluster if you need an Edge/Origin network for optimum live streaming across the several cities or continents at once. Also consider how much disk space you will need to store your videos. If you need a more customized solution or would like to discuss the perfect plan for your streaming needs, you can get a custom quote, email sales@influxis.com or call 661-775-3936 and we'll be happy to assist.

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