I want to run a small multiplayer game, or stream audio. What pricing plan is right for me?


The Cloud Plan would be your ideal choice to get started. If your application is a multiplayer game, and will primarily use graphics instead of video, we can customize a plan for you because you will probably use very little bandwidth. You will mostly have need for processing and sharing data.

For streaming audio, and you think you will need more than 100 simultaneous connections, a Dedicated plan or better will give you nearly unlimited simultaneous connections up to the specs of the server plus more Monthly Bandwidth Transfer than a Cloud plan.

Of course we can customize a plan for you with the right amount of power at just the right price. If you would like us to walk you through to ensure the best plan for your specific application, feel free to fill out a quote form, call our Sales Team at 661-775-3936 or email sales@influxis.com.

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