What are Connections?


Connections are simultaneous client connections, and they determine the number of simultaneous users that are able connect to your Influxis-hosted application at any one given time. 100 Connections = 100 Simultaneous Users Max. However, if a user is connected to more than one instance of an application or connected to multiple applications, these connections each count toward the total number of simultaneous connections. 

Connections are the only hard limit on the Cloud account. If you have 100 connections available and 100 users connected, if another user tries to connect, they will be rejected until one of the first 100 users disconnects. 
Total amount of connections is counted for your whole account. 

Connections by any of your applications will count towards the maximum connection limit.

The Dedicated and Cluster plans offer unlimited connections up to power of the hardware and the resources needed to power your application.

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