How does SFTP work?


SFTP access complements the Influxis Account Portal for creating, managing and uploading/downloading your videos & folders.

Please make sure to connect with SFTP through port 22. Additionally, to allow for proper functionality of the web downloader/uploader, ports 2809 and 2810 must be open. 

To use SFTP, you will still need to use a FTP client. Here are several FTP clients depending on which platform you’re on: 

Mac Users: 
For the Mac platform, you may try one these listed FTP clients: 
Pure Mac: 
Filezilla: (free) 
CyberDuck: (free) 
Transmit: $30; recommended by our developers using MAC) If you are using Safari as your browser and you experience any issues, try using an alternative browser such as Mozilla Firefox. 

PC Users: 
If you are on a Windows platform, you can try one the below FTP clients: 
CuteFTP Professional: (free 30-day trial) 
WS_FTP Professional: (free 30-day trial) 
SecureFX: (free 30-day trial period) 
WinSCP: (free) 
Filezilla: (free) 
If you need any further assistance or have more specific questions, please

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