Stream Live Via FMLE (Screencast)



How to broadcast in HD with Adobe FMLE:

  1. Click on a stream within the Live page.
  2. Click the Broadcast in HD with FMLE button.
  3. Under the Stream URL section in the right side of the screen, copy the RTMP.
  4. Open FMLE (Flash Media Live Encoder).
  5. Paste the RTMP into the FMS URL field in FMLE.
  6. Type your stream name into the Stream field of FMLE.
  7. Click connect.
  8. Click start and voila!

To share the stream:

  1. Click on the Embed/Share tab and copy the Share URL, Player URL or iframe code.
  2. If you copied the Share URL or Player URL and send them to whomever you wish to view your stream.
  3. If you had copied the iframe code, simply paste it into a webpage.
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