Embedding Videos onto your Website using JW Player


HTML5 allows for streaming to desktop and mobile devices including tablets and phones, and nearing 2014, the ability to readily create and consume streams on the go is no big surprise. The question remains as to how a beginner or even an intermediate-level user can take full advantage of this technology.

Having a streaming URL such as a influx.is or using an iframe are two excellent methods through which you can share your content. We provide these avenues on your hosted videos page, which you an access by clicking on the "Videos" tab above.

I have set up three JW 6 builders that you can use to change the source for an iframe.

Select the link based on your portal.

HTML 5 V2 portal with Adobe Media Server VOD.

HTML 5 V3 portal VOD.

HTML 5 live.



Happy streaming,

Robert Vogel

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    thank you for the helpful article.
    how can we disable the Share button on the left top corner of the player ???
    thank you

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