Stream Your Desktop Using Influxis & ManyCams (ScreenCast)



  1. Download ManyCams.
  2. Influxis Account Portal.

  3. Laptop or Desktop.

  4. *Optional, Angry Orchard.


Our Influxis Account Portal has a myriad of features such as mobile compatibility, HTML5 and encoding profiles which are just a few to mention. Perhaps one of the most obvious of these features is the Live Broadcaster, a powerful tool allowing users to stream straight from their Account Portal in the browser to all devices. Typically, clients use the Live Broadcaster to stream a feed from their webcam; however, in this tutorial I will inject your mind with the knowledge to easily switch streams between a desktop view and webcam view.


  1. Launch ManyCam.

  2. From there ManyCam will automatically activate your webcam.

  3. Click the ‘+’ on the grey tile to the right of Live webcam tile in ManyCam.

  4. Hover over Desktop then move your cursor over and select a desktop display to stream.

  5. Open your web browser and sign into your Influxis Account Portal.

  6. Click on the Live tab from the top menu.

  7. Click ‘Create a New Stream’ (then rename the stream), after this click Create Stream.

  8. A pop-up appears requesting to use your webcam - deny this.

  9. Scroll down below the player and click on the drop down for the ‘Select Camera’ section and select ‘ManyCam Virtual Webcam’.

  10. Scroll up the page and click ‘Start Broadcast’.

  11. Whichever window that is live in ManyCam will appear in the window, so click open ManyCam, hover over the desktop tile and then click either trans or cut. Now you are able to switch streams between your desktop and webcam via ManyCam and the Influxis Live Broadcaster respectively.


There you have it, now you have the knowledge to switch streams between your desktop view and webcam view using ManyCam and the Influxis Account Portal. Next you might want to find out how to record your broadcasts using the Influxis Live Broadcaster.


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