Facebook Fan Page Live Video Feed Mobile HTML5


Using the latest Influxis portal, you can stream live to a Facebook fan page using Facebook applications available.

Security updates with Facebook allow only secure links to be used. Older posts may not function due to the recent Facebook updates.

  1. Create your Facebook fan page.
  2. Add Iframe app.
  3. Create your live feed stream name in your Influxis portal and select the share tab.
  4. Select your iframe app and insert the https link provided from your live page portal.

The second application that can be used is Static HTML page.

With the new rules in Facebook https links must be used. This will require that the JW player for this example will have to hosted on a site with on SSL or you can place the player in your HTTPcontent folder.

For this example the player will be hosted from your Influxis accounts https folder. I have added the JW5 player for download here.

You will need to change RTMPID and STREAMNAME

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