How To Stream Live to the Facebook Timeline


I wanted to update this article and allow users to create a playback link for Facebook Timeline dynamically with this builder link below.


You can also download the zip and use the sample code below as an alternative to help you have your live stream play within the timeline of your Facebook page.

You can also just download the Zip below. Included is a facebook.html that you can edit. 

This will require an HTML 5 portal Influxis account and player contents loaded into your HTTPContent folder.

You will need to set up a live stream in your live tab and for this example we will call the stream name facebook.

The code will displayed below and for the path you will insert to your Facebook timeline:

You will need to change RTMPID to match your RTMPID You will also save the code below and place it in your HTTPcontent folder as save it as facebook.html.

Please edit the following paths based on your HTML 5 version.


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