How to use SFTP with your account


This section will show you how to set up custom application directories and upload custom Adobe server-side scripts to your Influxis account using a third-party SFTP client.

*In order to use SFTP you will need to install a third-party FTP application WinSCP for Windows or Transmit for Mac

1. Once you have logged into your account navigate to the “DevCenter” button at the top right. On this page click on the “SFTP Access” tab and you can set the SFTP password.




2. When you have configured the password you can open up your SFTP client. Here is a sample of what your login information will look like:

  • Host:

  • Username: abcdef

  • Password: xxxxxxxx

  • Port: 22

  • Protocol: SFTP

3. With login information you can connect to your SFTP client and navigate to the FMSApps directory (in the example we use WinSCP).

          * The "ManagedContent" directory stores all of your encoded files from the "Upload" feature and does not need to be accessed.




4. When you are in the “FMSApps” directory you can upload your custom server-side scripts or Adobe Media Server files. Below, we created a new directory to connect to named “newApplication” and uploaded a custom main.asc file.



* Please keep in mind if you upload any video files using SFTP and not the built-in Upload system your files will not be re-encoded and will not be available for mobile playback.
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