How to manage, embed, delete your videos


This tutorial will give you step by step instructions on how to set up a video-on-demand player, as well as share it with your viewers.

1. After logging in to your Influxis account, simply navigate to Videos tab.

You will see a drop down for  Source and Encoded. If you have uploaded a video and selected an encoding profile your videos are first be uploaded to source folder then encoded to the encoded folder. You can save disk space by deleting your videos from the source content folder once they appear in the encoded folder.





2. Videos in the encoded folder are now ready to be shared or embedded into your site. Simply select the video you wish to use. You can preview the video or select the tabs below.

Here you can easily embed the iframe into you site or use the Video URL to allow you to share your video if you do not have a site. Modify the size of the iframe as needed.


3. Direct Links can also be viewed if you would like to use your own player by selecting the Video URLs.


4. Deleting your videos 


Select the list view on the right of your screen. You can delete videos individually or select all. Select the Actions tab and the delete option.

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