How to broadcast live to iOS/Android/etc using the updated Influxis Account Portal.


With the updated Influxis Account Portal, the mobile delivery platform is integrated in and you can broadcast a live stream to mobile devices as long as the encoder you are using is able to broadcast AAC audio. Wirecast works well and so does the Flash Media Live Encoder on Macs.

To broadcast your VOD content to mobile devices you will nee to upload the video files to the “Upload” page within the Influxis Account Portal this will encode the video files to suitable formats for mobile devices.

For other encoding options, see our blog post: 7 Ways to Encode with Influxis

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    This would have been helpful if the New portal upload page was working, but it doesn't work properly, initial default setting for the account doesn't give proper permissions to upload videos to the user, therefore the video uploading message will sit there for hours if not day and it doesn't time out.


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    Chris Wagoner

    I'm not sure how this constitutes as LIVE broadcasting.

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