What ports does Influxis use?


The Influxis customer portal uses only 1935 as 80 is bound to Influxis server to serve your videos.

For live streaming in the Influxis customer portal, 1935 and 80 are used.

Old portal (pre-2013) does have 80 and 1935 used, while the latest Influxis portal only has 80, 1935 used for live streaming.

Influxis also streams off 80 and 443.

If your application is using Adobe Flash Media server, it uses port 1935 as a default port to communicate with your application. If your users have this port disabled, Flash will automatically try to connect again through port 80. Port 80 is one of the main ports used for HTTP connections. This ensures that the vast majority of your users will be able to access your application without you having to tinker around with complicated compatibility settings.

For more info, please contact support@influxis.com.

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