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Before any schedule blocks can be created the admin user must first create at least one playlist to target.  If the list has been created already, then the admin user is ready to start scheduling content. When first accessing the SCHEDULE interface the admin user will notice that the ‘create new schedule block window’ will be displayed by default.



There are a few things to know about schedule blocks. Schedule blocks can be selected to run on a specific number of selected days, range of dates, or daily. They can also run during a specific time during the day. If the time set is bigger than the playlist time, then once the system runs into the last item on the list it will start over from the first item on the list. To avoid a list from recycling, the “Calculate Time” check box should be selected to have the system auto-calculate the time it will take the list to finish one cycle. 



However the user must keep in mind that if the playlist is changed, they will need to edit the block again to have the new times take effect. Once the block setting are set they should click the “Save” button to create the new block. The block should become active immediately once it has been saved. Admin users can create as many blocks as they want. They can even overlap them for the same dates and times but the system will only play the first block it finds if they were scheduled to play at exactly the same time. Admin users can enable and disable blocks directly from the list to give them strong control of what they want to broadcast. This also enables them to create blocks way before they are scheduled to broadcast. Range and Daily blocks also support a new feature called midnight crossover. Midnight crossover allows the admin user to set a block to begin before midnight and have it end the next day.

To the left of the block list is the viewer schedule which all viewers will see once they log into the channel viewer interface.



The admin users can evaluate the list and see if they want to make any changes. If they need to make changes they can go back to the “MEDIA” tab to do so. Once a block is created they can edit the block by selecting it from the list and double clicking. Note once a block has been created they can edit the time and details but the type cannot be changed. A block can be removed by clicking the “Remove” button located at the end of each block item on the list. Any blocks that are changed or removed will affect users right away.

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