Create & Edit Channels


At the beginning of every TVStation2 instance is the default channel which is "channel0". This channel is the master channel administrator which controls and manages all other channels. This channel can never be removed. If a customer decides not to make additional channels they can always use this as a base channel and run it like the old 1.x versions. To create channels the admin user must navigate over to the CHANNELS interface and click the New Channel button.



They should set the desired channel settings and click the Submit button to create the channel.



The new channel will come up in the channels list. They can edit channels on the list by selecting a channel and double clicking. To remove a channel they should click the Remove button located at the end of each item.


They can also enable/disable channels with the included check box on each channel item. When a channel is disabled the login for that channel is disabled so admin users for that channel will not be able to login and will get a notice that the channel has been disabled. On the viewer end the channel will not show up on the channel list. If the channel list is disabled and a direct channel connection was setup then the viewer will be redirected and instead will connect to the master channel (channel0).

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