Using the User List


The chat also comes with a built in user list which displays all users who are currently connected to that channel. If the user double clicks any name on the list this will launch their own profile panel where they can change and update their username.

The user list also has its own admin version where admin users can kick, ban, and assign words to filter out in the chat. When the user list is in admin mode it brings up three sub interfaces.



The first one is the standard user interface but the interface in admin mode allows admin users to kick or ban users from the list. Kicking or banning users from the user list is quick and easy. The admin user can select any user(s) (CTRL and SHIFT keys can be used for multiple selections) who are being disruptive and click the “Menu” button to bring up a quick selection menu. Through the selection menu, admin users can choose to either kick or ban the users that have been selected.



If the admin user chooses to kick the user(s) then they can use the control box next to the Menu button to select the amount of minutes they want the user to be out for.



The second interface contains the ban user list. The list displays all users IPs that have been banned from the chat.



As long as a user IP is banned, that user IP will be unable to connect to that channel. The admin user can unban IPs by selecting the desired IP(s) from the list and clicking the unban option from the selection menu.


Admin users can also add new IPs or clear the IP list through selection menu.

The third and last interface is the word filter list interface which displays all the words that are banned from being used in the chat.



To add a new word, admin users can bring up the selection menu and select the New option which will bring up the new word panel. 



Once they have entered in the desired word they can submit to add the word to the list. They can clear any word(s) by selecting the desired word(s) and selecting the unban option from the menu selection list. They can also select the “clear” option to clear out the entire word list.


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