Create & Manage Playlists


There are many ways to create a new playlist but the most basic way to create a list is to click the New button located under the playlist list, enter the playlist name, and save.




Once the list is created the admin user can drag drop items to the main playlist list which should pop up a menu of the playlist that have been created. 






They should then select the target playlist and the items should be added to the selected playlist. The admin user can also create a new playlist from that menu and save the items to that list. Items can also be added to the new queue list. 



Items can be sorted and traded between lists. When the admin user has all the desired items in their queue list, they can click the Save button to save the playlist. The queue list can also be used to drag and drop items to a selected playlist. Admin users can select multiple items from the list to be dragged and dropped by using either a CTRL or SHIFT key combination. To remove items from a playlist simply select items from the list and click the remove button. Any changes made to the playlist will affect it anywhere that list is being used. So for example if it is being used in a schedule block that is being broadcasted and the admin user decides to add or remove a few items then all viewers will be updated in real time.  


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