TV Station QuickStart Guide


Step 1: Settings

Enter in your email, password, channel description, channel name, owner, category, set your time zone and choose viewer options.  Go through each of the three tabs at the top for further settings including thumbnail channel images and advertising banners. For more info, select Settings from the Help Guide or click here to watch the video tutorial walk-thru.



Step 2: Adding Media

This is where you add your video files. A built-in encoder will encode any compatible media file into various bitrates for dynamic streaming. You may also add images and YouTube videos. Once added, double click ay media item to change that individual media’s information. You can also toggle a file to be On Demand or not. For more info, select Media from the Help Guide.


Step 3: Building a Playlist

After you have added some media, now you can arrange your media in a playlist.  Click either the green plus signs per item to add them to the Queue in the order that you want, or drag and drop them to the list and it will bring up a dropdown of available playlists to which you may add your selections. If the Queue tab is open, you can drag and drop the media files in the Queue area and then Save them to a new playlist once you are finished arranging your list. You can always edit the list later – adding more media, deleting media, rearranging the order, etc.   For more info, select Media from the Help Guide and select the Create/Manage Playlist option, or for a walk-thru video tutorial, click here.


 Step 4: Scheduling

Once your playlist(s) is ready to go, you can schedule it to broadcast. After naming your schedule block and choosing your target playlist, choose one of three scheduling options: range, specific, or daily. After scheduling and you click Submit, your playlist will appear on the left with broadcast times. For more info, select Schedule from the Help Guide or for a walk-thru video tutorial, click here.



Step 5: Launch Viewer

Click the Launch Viewer Button to see your playlist in action!



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