Customizing your Influxis TV Station


Influxis delivers value from so many different angles. While we continue to impress our customers with our diverse projects and excellent features, our extensive customizability makes us the premiere streaming partner. Today I’m going to highlight one of our most popular applications and some of its outstanding customization features.

Influxis TV Station

With tailored functionality in mind, we’ve designed the TV Station to serve as your own unique streaming app. You can download the TV Station once you log into the wizard by clicking on “Apps” at the top:


Select the TV Station:


Now click on Download:


Go ahead and unzip the file by extracting the folder onto your desktop or programs directory. Once you’ve done this, open the folder and view the contents:


From here, you are able to make many customizations to the application; I will highlight a few useful modifications below:

Modifying the Text at the Upper Left-Hand Corner of the App’s Loading Screen

In the viewerLabels.xml file, you have some interesting customization options, one of which allows you to change text on the TV Station’s loading screen. Under the DEFAULT_TVSTATION_TITLE field, the default displayed text is “TVStation2 v0.6.” You can change this field to reflect your or your company’s name, the website you’ve embedded the application on, or even a friendly blurb such as “Thank you for your patience!” as the application loads for your viewers.

Each of the fields in the viewerLabels.xml are modifiable and if you’re feeling ambitious, you can make lots of changes to the way the program communicates with your clients.

Changing the Order of Tabs Within the Application

In the settings.xml file, you can change the order of your TV Station’s tabs by modifying tabOrder="ondemand,schedule,channels,chat" to something like tabOrder="chat,schedule,channels,ondemand”

Having the Panel Show by Default

Also within settings.xml is the hidePanels field. You can change hidePanels="true" to hidePanels="false" to make the application’s programming panel pop out by default when the application has fully loaded.

We offer you the client-side source files for all of our applications, so feel free to modify any of these files. You will love this feature even more if you have expertise with .swf and .xml files. If you happen to break something, simply re-download the client-side source and have at it once more.

Happy customizing!

-Michael Kashiktchian

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