ICS Chrome Screen Share , Pepper Flash Fix


Chrome Pepper Flash Fix

Use Attached files

To use the addin within Chrome, the application developer will have to:
1. Compile their ICS application using one of the new lccs.swc files I uploaded to the FTP.

2. Download the FlashFileAttributes tool. It can be found in chat.zip on this page: http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/unsandbox-localconnection-chrome.html

3. Execute the FlashFileAttributes tool on the application SWF as demonstrated on that help article:


Place the exe in the folder where your swf file is located

open a command prompt and run the following command. Foo represents the swf. Replace it with the actual swf name.

FlashFileAttributes.exe Foo.swf -verboseOnly
FlashFileAttributes.exe Foo.swf +brokerLocalConnection

4. Add documentation to let all the application users know that Adobe Flash Enabler download is required when running the application in Chrome. There will be a download dialog within the application, just like the one for addin download, that prompts the user to download. This is required to get around the sandbox security in Chrome that prevents the addin from working.


Robert Vogel

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