JW 6 Player Slow Motion Builder and Demo. Mobile Compatible.



Place the following paths or option to create a player. You can create a custom encoding profile with your HTML 5 account to encode in mp4 and webm formats. The player also can stream to mobile. 


?path=server ip or rtmpid.cloud.influxis.com

&mp4=path to mp4

&webm= path to webm

&img=http path for background image

&logo=http for a logo


&int=speed 0.1 to 10

Select the link or image to demo the feature. Slow motion toggle is on the top left.



<iframe width="720" height="480" scrolling="no" src="http://player.influx.is/custom/jw/slow.php?path=wxefw5.cloud.influxis.com/ManagedContent&mp4=Influxis%20Client%20v3_1500_h264_896k_480p_aac_96k.mp4&webm=Influxis%20Client%20v3_1500_vp8_512k_480p_vorbis_96k.webm&start=true&int=0.5"></iframe>
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