Live Broadcast Influxis and Open Broadcaster.


Broadcasting with Influxis and Open Broadcaster.

Stream you next live event with Open Broadcast Software and you Influxis account.

You can download this broadcaster for free here:

The advantage of broadcasting with Open Broadcast Software is AAC audio for broadcasting to mobile and Screen Share for live presentations which can also stream to mobile.

Additional plugins are available such as switching scenes while streaming or OBS remote which will allow you to control your live stream form an Android device.

To start streaming using Open Broadcaster and Influxis account you will want to create a live stream in your Influxis portal.

For this example we will use a stream name called myStream.

Once you are logged into your Influxis account select the live tab in the black bar within your portal.

Select the Create a new Stream button and ad myStream. Once myStream has been created you have the option to have any streams published using that name automatically recorded to your Influxis account. Just check the record box to the right of the stream name and your published streams will be saved to your source content folder ready to be delivered for viewing after your live event has ended.

Let's Begin.

1. Select the myStream name created and the HD settings tab shown.


2. Now launch Open Broadcaster on your computer and select the settings. Select Broadcast Settings and here you can copy the paths provided in your Influxis portal to Open Broadcaster. Select Custom  for the Streaming Service and Play Path is the name of the Stream (myStream). The stream name (myStream) is hidden as show.


3. Next you will want to go through the additional settings for Open Broadcaster such as encoding. Make sure you are using x264 and AAC audio. Max Bitrate is up to you based on the quality of the stream.


4. Now you will want to add a scene for your Open Broadcaster profile to get your camera settings.

Select the Scenes and create a scene name.


5. For that camera you can add the source by selecting the Sources. On PC right click in sources to add your camera and select the drop down to find the correct source.


6. You can now select the Start Streaming to begin your live broadcast and deliver to mobile.


7. View your stream within you portal take the provided <irame> and embed to stream you live event to your web site.



Additional scenes and sources can be added such as screen sharing , a splash image and the ability to switch between your scenes you created. Customize Open Broadcaster to stream your way. Check out all the additional plugins at


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