Creating Your Own Encoding Profile HTML 5 portal


Creating a custom encoding profile.

To optimize smooth video delivery for HD streaming you will want to create a profile that has a least 5 bit rates. The player created uses bandwidth detection to deliver the optimum bandwidth based on the client viewing the streams local bandwidth. Quality adjust based on available bandwidth.

With an Influxis HTML 5 portal account you have the option to create your own custom encoding profile to deliver your video your way. Convert your HD video to be delivered in multi bit rate or add WebM to your encoding options. 

You can use the default Influxis encoding profile which will already encode your videos in multiple bit rates, create a player, create share link and <iframe> to easily embed your player into your website or create your own.

To create your own encoding profile select the DevCenter tab on the black bar of your Influxis portal account and to the left select the encoding profiles tab.

Select the Create New Profile button and you are ready to begin. Container will be MP4, audio AAC Video codec will be H264.

Start with you lowest bit rate first. You will want to use the following table for referencing dimensions for your player. Select the manual bit rate to enter a desired bit rate.

You can use the following table for reference for HD videos originally encoded in 1080p.


            16:9         4:3        height           bit rate          Audio AAC        Codec           Profile      

Mobile    360        272         200         200-500Kbps        64kbps            H264           Baseline

Low       480        360          270        500-900Kbps         64kbps            H264           Baseline

Medium 736        560          414        900-1599Kbps      96-128kbps       H264           Medium

High      960        720          540        1600-1999Kbps    96-128kbps       H264           Medium

 HD      1280        960        720          2000-2399Kbps    96-128kbps      H264             High

FullHD  1920       1440       1080       2400-3500Kbps      96-128kbps      H264             High


Save your encoding profile and you are ready to start encoding your videos. Any videos uploaded or already in your source content folder can be converted to your custom encoding profile.

Once you video has been encoded you can delete the original video that is in the source content folder to save space for your account. You can stream videos form the source content folder if it is in the correct format but suggest using your HTTP content folder.

Source and Managed content files must be deleted using the list view delete option within your portal. You cannot delete or change the names of files in Source or Managed content with FTP. Files uploaded to the HTTP content folder have read and write capabilities.

Make sure the name of the file you wish to encode is named correctly before uploading.

To stream your encoded videos you have several option including the direct URL’s

Select a video choose Share/Embed

This tab will provide a shortened URL Video URL: 

Or use the <iframe> to embed into a web page.

<iframe src="" style="border:0px #FFFFFF none;" scrolling="no" width="640px" height="480px"></iframe>

You can change the size of the <iframe> to fit your web page and to embed in a WordPress site remove style="border:0px #FFFFFF none;"





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