Publish Multiple Cameras Simultaneously and Select Your View.


With your Influxis account you can stream multiple live feeds simultaneously.

You will need multiple devices that can broadcast each live stream and the easiest and least expensive way is to use Wowza Go Coder.

To get started you will want to create multiple stream names in your Influxis portal using the live tab. Input the rtmp paths and stream names in each of your broadcasters.

Now to make it simple you can use this ready to go player which can take up to 6 lives streams that your viewers can select.

You will need your rtmp id and stream names to add to this player.

In your URL you will add:

?id=RTMPID  this is the 6 characters unique to your account.

&cam1=STREAM1  this is your first stream name created in your portal.

&cam2=STREAM2  this is your second stream name created in your portal.

&cam3=STREAM3  this is your third stream name created in your portal.

&cam4=STREAM4  this is your fourth stream name created in your portal.

&cam5=STREAM5  this is your fifth stream name created in your portal.

&cam6=STREAM6  this is your sixth stream name created in your portal.

Your URL will look like this:

Happy Streaming!



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