Teradek Mobile Production Switcher and Live Mobile Broadcaster app.


Broadcast your next live event with your Influxis account, Teradek equipment and iOS devices using Live Air by Teradek.

This iOS mobile application can be used with your Influxis account to broadcast your event and switch between multiple sources.

To get started using this application download Live Air from Apple itunes. The free version will be called Live Air Solo.



One you have downloaded the application open it up and select the Cog on the upper left.

Select the Broadcasting Destinations>Managed Destinations>Add Destination and select the CUSTOM RTMP option.

Input your rtmp URL provided in your HTML 5 portal and your stream name created.

Adjust your Encoder Setting to your desired level and your ready to start.

Add you Teradek sources by swiping from the left of the screen to allow you to switch among your live camera sources. Your iOS device will also allow you to publish a live stream.


Swipe from the right to left and add an overlay.


Swipe up to change your stream settings or the look and feel of your live stream. You can also see the settings in the image above. Select the Cog on the bottom right.

After setting up you sources you can select the GO LIVE red button to start your broadcast.

Do forget to select the auto record option in your Influxis portal if you want your live stream recorded to and saved to your Influxis account.

The is a really great app which allows you to become a one man production crew.










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